American Druids Academy
Basketball Academy for teaching, promotion, development and expansion of Basketball in Venezuela, America, the Caribbean and Europe; learning Culture and Education,
With innovative methodologies of teaching,  ethics and professionalism.
Instilling friendship, fellowship, responsibility, solidarity, effort and dedication.
 Welcome to the Web in Norway and Holland
Internasjonal kongressen i ernaering

Camp i Norge med Prof. Rintch Ikotela i

Club World Championship i Bexhill, England i september

Zeer binnenkort in Toronto Canada met Prof. Curtis Mc Lean

Internationaal Kampioenschap in Toronto Canada met Prof. Kurt Mclean

Mini en Micro Kampioen, Sub-Kampioen in Los Magallanes de Catia

bekroond met de 98-99 categorie Sub-kampioenschap in Sabana de Parra, Yaracuy